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What Does Christmas Mean To You?

Christmas is a time of year that I have always loved; and when I think of Christmas, I think of huge family get-togethers, smells of cabbage rolls, turkey and stuffing filling the house, Advertisements

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Sadness and Pain and Effects of Being Raped

The sadness and pain are coming again… Oh no… – oh yes – I can feel it. The tears in my eyes are forming silent cries; crying for the many times I’ve been hurt by guys. The wetness I feel

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A Poem For My Friend For His Birthday

I wrote this for a neighbour’s husband, a few years ago. My neighbours have since moved away, but I kept a copy of the poem. His wife and I planned a surprised party for him one year, and he was

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Bubble Wrap

When I was a child I had a little treat – Popping clear bubble wrap – I thought is was so neat! When I was cleaning up, I found some yesterday. I sat down to pop it – It just

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The Contest Results Are In!

I entered my first and only contest months ago, and the long list of 37 people has been published on the contest website. However, I did not see my name anywhere. This leads me to believe that they have made

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