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Screw You, World

Sometimes I just wanna say, Screw you, world.  Advertisements

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Hookers’ Lives

Hookers’ lives are often lonely, and that loneliness is enhanced by the drugs that they do. Ironically, they do the drugs to escape their loneliness and so it becomes a vicious cycle from which they don’t know how to break

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I Bear A Burden

I bear a burden that’s heavy for me. The burden I bear is very weighty. It drags me down. It depresses me. It makes me want to end this life.     Keeping secrets is not easy, Especially the secrets

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My Love-Hate Relationship With Blogging

I seem to have a love-hate relationship with blogging. I am not unique; I know others feel this way, too. Sometimes I read so many posts by others,  that I think  I am slogging Through them, wishing I was being

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Anticipating News From The Doctor

Dread and worry fill my heart I’m in a hurry to hear the results But I have hours to go before I hear News that may change my life forever.

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Ghetto Girl

Sitting on the stoop, She leans over and whispers, “I killed him today” – Confiding in me. I look at her in surprise, And notice her eyes Are filled with sadness. I wonder, “Is she serious?” And as her eyes

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Sadness and Pain and Effects of Being Raped

The sadness and pain are coming again… Oh no… – oh yes – I can feel it. The tears in my eyes are forming silent cries; crying for the many times I’ve been hurt by guys. The wetness I feel

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Bubble Wrap

When I was a child I had a little treat – Popping clear bubble wrap – I thought is was so neat! When I was cleaning up, I found some yesterday. I sat down to pop it – It just

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