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My Special Gift: In One’s Eyes – A #totallyawesome #pocketpoem

Today is a special day for many poets! It’s Poem in Your Pocket Day! In honour of this special day, I wanted to give you a special gift: the FIRST poem I ever wrote. It is called In One’s Eyes,

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Anticipating News From The Doctor

Dread and worry fill my heart I’m in a hurry to hear the results But I have hours to go before I hear News that may change my life forever.

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Just a Little Thank You

Sometimes, in life, you get to know Special people who watch you grow, Helping when challenges arise – big or small – no matter their size – Like raising teens or giving rides – To friendships, there are many sides –

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Sadness and Pain and Effects of Being Raped

The sadness and pain are coming again… Oh no… – oh yes – I can feel it. The tears in my eyes are forming silent cries; crying for the many times I’ve been hurt by guys. The wetness I feel

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The Heart and Soul of the Heart and Soul

A lonely, empty soul Trapped within The depths of oneself Struggling to break free From inside Through To the outer shell. Feelings are hidden Carefully, Underneath, Waiting To rise to the above. Teardrops

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