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In order to make things easier for you, dear reader and poetry lover, to find, I created this easy-to-read list of the posts that are published on this blog.

I will add to it each week so that it is up-to-date. I will also list the post in the order which they were published.The first post is at the top of the list.

An asterisk (*) indicates a re-blog.

Welcome To My New Blog!

Sisters, and an Inspirational Video

My First Contest, The Dark Night (A Poem, with an analysis), and a Few Resources For Poets

Advice + A Poem For My Son, “J”

Life Is Like A Kite

24 Haiku Poems

Long Time Friend

The Heart and Soul of the Heart and Soul

Dreams or Destruction?

There is no greater gift than…

My Relationship Dream Fulfilled

Cat Love, and How to Make A Photo Collage


Quicksand Suicide

In One’s Lifetime

When Life Has Got You Down

Nothing Left: A Villanelle and Challenge *

Typing or Writing Poetry?

Our Final Farewell To Our Furry Friend

Excuses: A Kyrielle Sonnet and Challenge *

A Smile

The Contest Results Are In!

The Dark Night (+ Analysis Of Poem)

The Gang

She Rose To The Challenge

On: 44 Years of Marriage

Endless Reprieve: A Rondeau and Challenge *

No One Else: A Quatern and Challenge *

Blog Thoughts, Dog Thoughts

An Abecedarian

Bubble Wrap


When It Breaks: A Triolet and Challenge *

My Blogging Triolet (A Challenge I Accepted!)

A Poem For My Friend For His Birthday

My Graduation From University Poem, “On This Day”

The Death of My Best Friend

Sadness and Pain and Effects of Being Raped

Just a Little Thank You

My Doctor’s Office

Death At The Hospital

Trippy Nature (Analysis of Poem Included)

Cougar Clubbing (Analysis of Poem Included)

Ghetto Girl

Anticipating News From The Doctor

Are You A “Pro” Blogger Yet? Use 20 Blog Post Must-Haves and Become One!

Death Is Knocking

My Love-Hate Relationship With Blogging 

The Quiet Rose

My Boyfriend Hits Me

Soldiers *

Keep writing *


My Light is Alive

Poetry Perfected Has Finally Received A Legitimate Liebster Award!

I Bear A Burden

Hookers’ Lives

Those Who Judge (Terza Rima Sonnet) *

Screw You, World

What Does Christmas Mean To You?


I could have cried – but I didn’t *

A Little Piece of Heaven + A Note To My Readers

Twas The Night Before Christmas, I Was Thinking About My Blog *

Oh-Oh? Oh!

A Pasha Poem

Masked Maybe

Like a wind*

I Cry

Welcome Poetry Home with Writer Jeri Walker-Bickett *

Behind That Teardrop

A Dying Man

Beautiful? *

The A to Z Blogging Challenge 2014

A is for Asinine!

B is for Bazinga!

C is for Caracal, Cats, and Challenge

D is for Disease

E is for Editing and Ebooks


F is for Freelancing

G is for Gambling

H is for Haiku

I is for Innovative

J is for Julian

K is for Kindergarten,Kyrielle Sonnets, and Kids

L is for Loquacious, Lexicon, and Lexeme

A Poem: She Awakens *

M is for Midge’s Mouse

N is for Needles

O is for Ocean and Orgy

P is for Prostitution

Q is for Quote

R is for Rat and Recliner

S is for Sucking, Sex, and Slut

T is for Toddlers and Triolets

My Special Gift: In One’s Eyes – A #totallyawesome #pocketpoem

U is for Ugly Underwear

V is for Vixen and Views

W is for Waterfall

X is for Xenophobia

Y is for Yappy Youngsters

Z is for Zazzy and Zombie

 Ab Ovo

 My A to Z Challenge Reflection Post

It Matters still……

Tanha Blues 

Midge, My Tilted Kitty

Paint Fumes

Interview with Writer Betsy A. Riley*

Some more “P” Haikus for you

My Blog Is Alive – Poem*

I Write to Be Me

who am i …really?

A Friend In Pain

Guest Post – Uncredited

A Letter and Poem for My Dad

Spam Poetry Challenge – Want to Participate? *

Spam Poem #1

5 Things a Poet Doesn’t Tell You *

When I Write

When Old Folks Lose Their Companions *

National Poetry Day 2014 *

God May Have Been Silent *

Risky Issues and Lorraine Reguly *

The Pleasure of Poetry II*

My Blind Friends Taught Me To See #inspirational #poem

Online Dating – Haiku*

Autumn Fruit – Haiku*

2014: A WordPress Review

 Loving the Unplugged Life

I’ll Always Remember You

25 Fascinating Facts about World Poetry Day 2015*

My Guest Post: My Love-Hate-Love-Love-Love Relationship with the Techno Life and Writing*


A Special Strength

Remember When



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