It Matters still……

Here’s something for you. Just because.

My Sword and Shield....

I wondered how long
It takes for the feeling
To leave
To finally draw a breath
To know it is ok to give in
To find that my heart
Though battered and worn
Still matters
Still Thunders in my chest
A pounding cadence
Echoing as a tribute
To my time spent here
My devotion
To growing the Things
Within me that matter
To accepting the thought
That I will one day make
A difference
Somewhere to Someone
To brush away the dark
To wash away the doubt
It takes Years
It takes Eons
It takes life upon life
Upon life sacrificed
To the truer things
To beliefs held close
To the molten hot core
Of my Heart
Where the brilliant Light
Of Who I am
What I am
What I long to be
Outshines the Night
Chases away the Shadows
Shows what is underneath
Though it is old
Though it…

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My Special Gift: In One’s Eyes – A #totallyawesome #pocketpoem

Today is a special day for many poets! It’s Poem in Your Pocket Day!

In honour of this special day, I wanted to give you a special gift: the FIRST poem I ever wrote.

It is called In One’s Eyes, and I just published it over on Wording Well.

I’ll publish it here, too. 🙂

In One’s Eyes

As I search into her eyes, I see loneliness and fears.
Her face seems so empty, except for those few tears.

These tears keep on flowing, more and more from her eyes;
she makes no sound at all, only distant, muffled cries.

She wants to express her feelings, on many a different thing,
but she feels that if she does, only more loneliness it would bring.

She wishes that she had a friend into whom she can confide;
an understanding, caring person who would always be by her side.

But instead, she has no one; no one to turn to in time of need.
She feels like she is trapped, and would very much like to be freed.

As I search deeper and deeper, I see more clearly into her eyes,
because, now, the tears have stopped, and no longer are her cries.

They have disappeared, although not completely, for they continue deep down inside,
but she now feels strong enough to regain her sense of pride.

But again her feelings weaken her and, again, I see a familiar tear.
She seems so far away from me, but yet, she seems so near.

I extend my hand to comfort her; I know I’m reaching in the right direction;
But all I feel is the flatness of the mirror, because I am staring into my own reflection.

my eyes


Did you like my poem, In One’s Eyes?

If so, I urge you to share it with others, and leave me a comment and let me know your reactions to it.

Thank you.  🙂

~ Lorraine Reguly

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A Poem: She Awakens

Hey, I just wanted to share the positivity of this woman with you all. Christy is sort of known for writing poetry about pain, so it’s great to see her writing something while smiling. 🙂

Poetic Parfait

Poem of Reaching above Photo Source: JD Hancock, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr

Hello, my friends! Are you enjoying the day? Over here in Victoria, BC, it is sunny and really feeling like spring. I am thankful for the sunshine and for the new day. Here is the newest poem, “She Awakens.”

She Awakens

She sits up in bed, then bolts up –
To stand on the cherry wood floor and
Lifts the heels of her bare feet as
She reaches her hands toward the ceiling
And beyond.

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I like the way this guy’s mind works. Much of his poetry is very good. Visit his blog and read a few!

From A Clogged Mind


By Robert C Price

You’re too beautiful

I know it’s the most

idiotic statement

ever uttered but it’s


Some will think me

insane for even

contemplating such

a thought

It’s something about

your eyes, the hazel

with green flecks that

turn most into blathering


Behind those eyes

fill me with apprehension

A flicker of malevolence

that goes unnoticed by

the blind

You are everything a

perfect woman should

be in theory and that’s

what troubles me the


It’s God-like

not mortal


no imperfections

A breathing Michelangelo

You’re real and not


The embodiment of

an unattainable goal

which mocks me

I wish I could

dismiss this feeling

but your beauty I

do not trust for

something is missing

Could it be the very

thing that makes

us real

A soul perhaps?

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A Dying Man


Red is all I can see sometimes. 😦

A dying man

lays in the bed,

thoughts running rampant;

words left unsaid.

“Forgive me, granddaughter;

“Forgive me for my sins;

“Even though I’m not Catholic,

“I pray your heart heals and wins.”


His paralyzed body does not let him speak.

Tears roll silently down his cheek.

Behind that teardrop,

Emotions are not weak,

Yet comfort is

what he seeks.



To me, his thoughts reek

and my life remains bleak.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Come to your own conclusions for what this post is about. They’re probably right.

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Behind That Teardrop

picture of a teardrop

Have you ever watched Undercover Boss? Every time I watch it, I get emotional and teards fall from my eyes. I tried to put my feelings into words and attempted to convey the significance of these dewy droplets and this is what I came up with. I’d love to hear feedback on this poem. I know one thing I’m happy about right now is that I can see. I cannot say this about everyone I know, though. I’ve met an inspirational guy recently, and had the pleasure of interviewing him and learning about his struggles. What’s ironic is that both he and I were included on a list of 9 inspirational bloggers! (Imagine my surprise at this!)

Anyways, here is the poem I wrote . . .

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Welcome Poetry Home with Writer Jeri Walker-Bickett

I am a friend of both Jeri’s and Christy’s. I wanted to share the love; they’ve shared theirs with me on a few occasions! Enjoy!

Poetic Parfait

Jeri WB writes about home with poetry Jeri WB ties home with poetry well.
(Photo: Jixar, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr)

How wonderful to have a poetry guest to the Parfait table today! The dishes are heaping and my appetite is large – it’s time for a wonderful serving of words.

I am extending a warm welcome to Jeri Walker-Bickett, skilled writer and editor. She also enjoys writing poetry, as she recently told me. Hello smiles! Yes, I have long been a fan of her blog JeriWB, where she offers writing tips, interviews authors and provides great advice for anyone interested in the literary field. So, to find out we have poetic similarities is very cool.

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Like a wind

To show my appreciation, I thought I’d re-blog this poem. I love thoughts, and colours, and so, I like this!

kontynental poetry

Do not stop your thoughts
they are like wind,
which tightens the sails
lifting the boat on waves

Do not stop daydreams
they carry each day
as the wind carries autumn leaves
filling the world with colors…

author: avem

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A bird in a cage

This was written by Raani York. I liked many aspects of it. 🙂

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Masked Maybe

photo credit: jelleprins via photopin cc

photo credit: jelleprins via photopin cc

I look

but I don’t see. Read more ›

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