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Ghetto Girl

Sitting on the stoop, She leans over and whispers, “I killed him today” – Confiding in me. I look at her in surprise, And notice her eyes Are filled with sadness. I wonder, “Is she serious?” And as her eyes

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Cougar Clubbing (Analysis of Poem Included)

Flashing strobe lights Bodies moving Reaching new heights Dancing, grooving

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Just a Little Thank You

Sometimes, in life, you get to know Special people who watch you grow, Helping when challenges arise – big or small – no matter their size – Like raising teens or giving rides – To friendships, there are many sides –

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Blog Thoughts, Dog Thoughts

    I have finally decided upon a theme for this site. After testing many out, I finally  found one that’s right.   I am a picky person, and like things to look a certain way, I’m hoping you all

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Advice + A Poem For My Son, “J”

J, I wrote this for you on April 29, 1993. I don’t know if I ever gave this to you….but I am giving it to you now, and to the world, too! (J is my son. I am using his

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