It Matters still……

Here’s something for you. Just because.

My Sword and Shield....

I wondered how long
It takes for the feeling
To leave
To finally draw a breath
To know it is ok to give in
To find that my heart
Though battered and worn
Still matters
Still Thunders in my chest
A pounding cadence
Echoing as a tribute
To my time spent here
My devotion
To growing the Things
Within me that matter
To accepting the thought
That I will one day make
A difference
Somewhere to Someone
To brush away the dark
To wash away the doubt
It takes Years
It takes Eons
It takes life upon life
Upon life sacrificed
To the truer things
To beliefs held close
To the molten hot core
Of my Heart
Where the brilliant Light
Of Who I am
What I am
What I long to be
Outshines the Night
Chases away the Shadows
Shows what is underneath
Though it is old
Though it…

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Hi. I'm Lorraine Reguly, owner of Wording Well and Laying It Out There. I'm an English teacher-turned-freelancer-for hire, an author, and an entrepreneur. I offer 4 different services on Wording Well: 1. Writing. 2. Editing. 3. Coaching/Consulting, 4. Author Assistant Services. I like helping others and want to help you! Just tell me how!

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2 comments on “It Matters still……
  1. Eric Syrdal says:

    Sorry for the late response. Thank you so much for reblogging this!


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