Screw You, World

Sometimes I just wanna say,

Screw you, world. 

Leave me alone.

I’m not anybody’s girl.

Sometimes I want to say,

Get the f%#& out of my way.

Leave me alone;

I don’t wanna play.

Sometimes I just want to say,

Get off my back.

I’m trying so damn hard

to get my life back on track.

Sometimes I want to say,

everything that’s on my mind.

So I will, but beware;

I may not be very kind.


Screw you, world.

Get the f%#& out of my way.

Get off off my back.

Leave me alone.

Don’t bug me.

Let me be for just one day.


Hi. I'm Lorraine Reguly, owner of Wording Well and Laying It Out There. I'm an English teacher-turned-freelancer-for hire, an author, and an entrepreneur. I offer 4 different services on Wording Well: 1. Writing. 2. Editing. 3. Coaching/Consulting, 4. Author Assistant Services. I like helping others and want to help you! Just tell me how!

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4 comments on “Screw You, World
  1. I can relate. I’ve had days like that!


  2. LOVE it! I’ll have to save this one for the next time I want to have a hissy fit.


    • Lorraine Marie Reguly says:

      Yeah, I was in quite the mood when I wrote this one! LOL

      I think this is a poem EVERYONE can relate to! 😉

      Glad you liked it!


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