Ghetto Girl

Sitting on the stoop,

She leans over and whispers,

“I killed him today” –

Confiding in me.

I look at her in surprise,

And notice her eyes

Are filled with sadness.

I wonder, “Is she serious?”

And as her eyes fill

Tears fall on her cheek.

With the liquid of her tears,

I see the relief.

She had been beaten

So many times for so long.

Black eyes and bruises

Became her best friend.

Broken ribs and broken bones

Became broken dreams.

Her battered body

Can finally heal now.

She won’t mourn his death.

Graceful ghetto girl

A prostitute no longer

Dreams resurrected.


  • alliteration is present (examples include: Broken ribs and broken bones/Became broken dreams…battered body…graceful ghetto girl)
  • lines are written using syllables following the 5-7-5, 5-7-5 pattern, like Haiku poetry, but the final twist is at the end
  • the reader is left to wonder if it was her father or her pimp that the girl killed
  • how she killed him is not revealed
  • her friend’s gender is not revealed either – but is unimportant
  • colours are present: dark ones, from her bruises
  • the reader has varying feelings toward the girl – shock and dislike at first, then sympathy when her abuse is revealed, then a mixture at the end of the poem

What would you add to this? What are your impressions of the girl?


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