Trippy Nature (Analysis of Poem Included)

The beauty of the lake and trees;

Expanse as far as the eye sees;

The green grass grows below blue skies;

Now soon we must say our goodbyes.

Vacation’s done; we must return

To climates where the sun won’t burn,

Where snow will fall upon our skin;

Where winter will again begin.


  • Each line is written in iambic meter, more specifically, iambic tetrameter
  • Alliteration is present, used in lines 3 and 8
  • Pictures are painted in the reader’s mind of two opposite seasons, indicating that this is an imagist poem
  • Colours are evident in these images: explicit ones, such as green (grass) and blue (skies), and implicit ones, such as yellow (sun), white (snow) and red (burning of the skin)
  • Title has a double meaning, reflective of the two seasons present in the poem. People are on a trip (on vacation) but also indicates the wondrousness that nature beholds
  • opposing temperatures are present (hot and cold) – the burning of the skin by the sun is coupled with the fact that snow will freeze skin, which also burns,
  • each stanza ends with the same letter, adding to the musicality of the poem
  • the hint of regret at having to leave the vacation location for a less preferable one indicates that summer climates are preferred over winter ones – which not everyone prefers

What else can you add to this analysis?


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