She Rose To The Challenge

Recently, I re-blogged two of Cubby’s posts, about writing a Villanelle and a  Kyrielle Sonnet. Cubby is the poet behind Reowr, and some of her poetry is awesome! 🙂 Cubby issued a challenge to her readers, and Kelley, one of my readers (who also may be one of Cubby’s, btw), rose to the challenge! Here are Kelley’s poems. Let her know what you think of them in the comment section, please!

ghosts + change

Ghosts – A Villanelle

Silence is painful
Feelings felt sacred
Leaving me to idle

The way you look at me
Sometimes I feel haunted
Silence is painful

Some might say it’s deadly
Almost a form of hatred
Leaving me to idle

Raw inside I’m empty
White walls all padded
Silence is painful

Holding on so tightly
I shouldn’t be so conflicted
Leaving me to idle

My body starts to atrophy
Feeling used when naked
Silence is painful
Leaving me to idle

Change – A Kyrielle Sonnet

I still find it hard to believe
All too consumed she’s been bereaved
Pay attention; sit and listen
The kind saddened princess will run

Was radiant now delicate
Hurt and wanting screams to quiet
Never coming out in the sun
The kind saddened princess will run

She used to be so amusing
Keeps falling victim to reaping
Enviable, she’s a vixen
The kind saddened princess will run

I still find it hard to believe
The kind saddened princess will run

Kelley Stephens can be found on her blog,  Casa de la K. She’ll also respond to comments left for her here. I’ll respond to you, too!

NOTE: if you want to rise to the same challenge as Kelley, let me know! Email me your poetry, with a link to your blog/website (if you have one), and I will post it here!

Don’t forget to comment; remember, I LOVE COMMENTS! 🙂


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