Sisters, and an Inspirational Video

I want to share a poem and a video with you today. They are family-related. The video is inspirational, and I hope you watch it! It’s at the end of this post. For now, here’s a poem I wrote for my sister, entitled “Sisters”…


There are many things in this great world
that are wonderful and good,
and there are many things in this great world
that to change them, we wish we could.

My sister, Janice, with my  niece, Baby Sam (Samantha), after the 2013 Relay For Life in Thunder Bay. They are waiting for cake!

My sister, Janice, with my niece, Baby Sam (Samantha), after the 2013 Relay For Life in Thunder Bay. They are waiting for cake!

Our sisterhood falls among both of these;
Our relationship is unique.
Because of our many differences,
Our casual feelings change from week to week.

There is one thing, however,
That can’t be changed, in this great world,
and that is the love I have for you,
My sister, a woman, once girl.

And Janice, whatever you’re thinking or feeling right now,
Please know that I’m being sincere;
You have only me and I have only you
To call my “sister dear”.

So, putting our many differences aside,
There’s one thing that I’d like you to remember:
A good and wonderful thing in this world is you (whom I love),
And that, as sisters, we’ll be forever.

I wrote this poem for my sister, Janice, after taking her out for her birthday many years ago (in 1995). I thought I gave it to her; she said I didn’t. I was sure I did, and think that she just doesn’t remember. At any rate, she has read it now! 🙂

Her daughter, Samantha, was born with retinoblastoma, which means that she has eye cancer. When Sam was two days old, they had to go to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto for treatment. Sam has been going there approximately every four weeks since she was born. She is otherwise a healthy, happy little girl, who loves her older brother, Janice’s four-year-old son, too, Alistair.

Here is a video of the four of them participating in the 2013 Relay For Life in Thunder Bay. I took tons of pictures that day, and made a couple of videos, too!

Sam was asked to “lead” the Relay, and she accepted this honour. She is one year old, and the most inspirational little girl I know!

Since making Videos for Dummies, I think I have come a long way. I’ve learned how to use Windows Movie Maker, and how to caption the videos. See for yourself, and let me know what you think!

Isn’t Sam the best? 🙂 If you agree, please share this post! Thank you! 🙂

Watch an inspirational video of a one-year-old with eye cancer. She’s amazing! (Tweet this!)

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